Astra: OmniRise

Astra: OmniRise

As a pioneer, players will join the Astra and explore this mysterious and unknown galaxy together with other players. Through exploration and battle, players can obtain various resources and technology, and constantly improve their strength and level, becoming a true cosmic explorer.

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Dynamic Narration

Through the adventures and missions of Astra: OmniRise, players candrive the direction of the Astra Universe and determine its future fate.

The game uses an open-creating methods that allows the player's in-game activities to ultimately affect the world's development.

If players are more inclined to explore the boundaries of the universe, they may be exposed to new technologies and civilizations.

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If players are more inclined to fight, they may trigger the attention of some hostile civilizations. All of this will affect the future of the Astra Universe, making the player's role in the game even more important and meaningful.

ERC-6551 and AOR NFT

We will use ERC-6551 to construct a totally full-featured NFT world.

To realize customization and extensibility of both external parts and internal attribution, to enrich the use scenario of NFT, to make players experience a highly-fun game, and eventually to build a quality game ecosystem whose NFTs possess sustainable economic attributes.

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ASTRA Game Universe

In-game yield

Participating in various gameplays within the game provides opportunities to earn rewards.

Liquidity staking

Liquidity staking rewards

Airdrop event

Participate in various official events and receive airdrop rewards

$AOR will serve as a unified currency used in different game universes

In-game services

The game will offer some premium services, such as Astra membership or special passe

In-game Assets (NFT)

Players can purchase certain NFT assets in the game, such as in-game character equipment and items, based on blockchain technology, using $AOR.

In-game Assets (NFT)

By means of upgrading and enhancing mechanisms, the in-game assets (such as characters and equipment) can be made more powerful and comprehensive.


The game will impose certain fees on transactions, such as purchasing and selling items on the exchange.

Astra Strategic Plan

Phase 1

Astra: OmniRise Prologue

Astra: OmniRise Prologue is the overture of Astra universe, where players can place their own spaceships to complete all the tasks

Phase 2

Astra: OmniRise

This lightweight MMORPG puts players in the role of adventurers who grow as they pilot spaceships on expeditions through the Astra universe. Compared to other interstellar-themed games, Astra: OmniRise focuses more on the personal growth of the character, allowing players to experience the story of the universe from a personal perspective.

Phase 3

Astra Game Universe

Astra Game Universe includes various types of games and different gameplay.




  • Project Established
  • Teammate Recruitment
  • Project Art Style
  • Website Design


  • Token Contract
  • NFT Contract
  • Website Launching


  • Trailer Publishing
  • Whitepaper Publishing
  • Astra: OmniRise Prologue Staking Online


  • IDO chain Test
  • INO chain Test


  • Initial DEX Offering
  • Initial NFT Offering
  • $AOR TOKEN Publish
  • Conduct Initial Astra: OmniRise Game Beta Testing
  • Gathering Feedback from Beta Testers
  • Optimizing Key Issues
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies


  • Astra: OmniRise Release
  • Astra Game Event


  • Releasing Astra: OmniRise's First Version
  • Launching the Free PVP System
  • The Space Arena Going Online
  • The First Comprehensive Planet Beta Testing